Mom of 7 Shares the Best Baby Pajamas: HonestBaby Sleep and Play Review

It felt like being stabbed in the boob…

I don’t know what it is with little babies’ fingernails, but no matter how many times I trim them (which is anxiety inducing enough) they still feel like razorblades. We all know that they like to scratch their own face, and head and whatever other part their flailing hands reach.

And yeah that’s pitiful and sad and all, but just wait til those little shards grab and pull while you’re nursing. As if there’s not enough stimulation from nursing a baby (add older kids screaming to really level up), those little fingers digging in are the worst.

You can buy those little mittens, but my babies shake those off like a kitten in socks. Hand mitts are the glorious answer, but for some reason, most retailers don’t make them past the newborn stage.

Enter…the best baby pajamas I’ve ever found…Honest Baby Sleep and Play Pajamas for baby girls and baby boys. It’s almost a shame that it took me 7 kids to find them and we’re likely done.

But…they’re truly amazing, which I’m dedicating a whole post about why they’re so amazing … .so other moms can enjoy them for longer than I am!

The Magic of 100% Organic Cotton

Baby pajamas now are commonly made of cotton (or bamboo but I’m not one of those moms). And maybe you have no idea why regular cotton or organic cotton even matters. What does organic cotton even mean??

Certified by GOTS, the leading worldwide standard for sustainable manufacturing, this means no synthetic pesticides, no toxic chemicals, and no heavy metal phthalate dyes. But even more than that are the processes that go into growing cotton. Conventional cotton is hard on the environment, the soil, and the people who grow it. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to put my baby in clothing grown in toxic chemicals.

Zipper Access for Easy Changes

I promise you’ll only make this mistake once (or maybe twice in your sleep deprived state). Snaps on baby pajamas were created by an evil genius having a good laugh at moms.

Zippers are one of the top rules for best baby pajamas…in the middle of the night when you’re fumbling to change the 12th poop diaper in the last 24 hours, you do not want to be trying to figure out which snap on that left leg goes together.

Pass, friend.

All of the HonestBaby pajamas feature zip closure, so you won’t accidentally get a snap pair because you weren’t paying attention while shopping (I’m looking at you Carters).

Generous Sizing for Longer Use

This one is a little bit more personal, but there is a sizing range between brands of baby pajamas. Some run small and range 8-12lb for 0-3 months, but these HonestBaby pajamas boast a 9-14lb range.

If you have tiny babies, this is good. You’ll get more wear and use out of these as your baby grows into their perfect tiny frame.

If you have big babies (hello it’s me with my 9lb newborns), you’ll find these amazing for keeping your beanstalk baby in one size just a bit longer.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the size range from preemie to 9m:

  • Preemie – up to 6lb and 17”
  • Newborn – 6-9 lb and up to 21”
  • 0-3 Months – 10-14 lb and up to 24”
  • 3-6 Months – 15-18 lb and up to 27”
  • 6-9 Months – 19-22 lb and up to 29”

Scratches No More with Hand Mitts

This is far and away the very BEST thing about these baby pajamas. I am obsessed with this feature.

Take a trip down postpartum lane with me. In 2017 my third baby shocked us all by weighing over 10lb at birth. My previous babies were 6lb and 8lb, so this was truly a baffling moment.

He never wore newborn clothing, but he still came with razor blade fingernails. He scratched his face and me in his flailing. I could not understand why baby clothing companies didn’t make hand mitts standard on 0-3 month sizing. After all, an 8lb baby is pretty average.

Fast forward 6 years to my seventh baby and I find these gems. With hands mitts up to 6 months. If baby pajamas could be heaven sent, this would be them.

Pros and Cons

So, you’re thinking of getting the HonestBaby Sleep and Play Footed Pajamas for yourself or a friend. Before you make a decision, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these adorable pajamas.


  • Certified Organic Cotton: The HonestBaby Sleep and Play Footed Pajamas are made from 100% organic cotton that is certified by GOTS, the leading world-wide standard for sustainable manufacturing facilities. This means that the pajamas are free from synthetic pesticides, non-toxic, PVC free and without heavy metal phthalate dyes.
  • Easy Zipper Access: The full-open zipper allows for easy dressing and quick changes, which is a lifesaver when you’re dealing with a squirmy baby.
  • Fashion and Function: The adorable prints and super-soft organic cotton make these pajamas a wardrobe essential. Plus, they feature a protective zipper tab and fold-over mitten cuffs on sizes up to 6 months.
  • Perfect for Gifts and Registry: The HonestBaby pajamas are perfect for a baby shower gift. They’re easy to dress, wear, and wash, making them a great choice for new parents or growing families.


  • Runs Large: I don’t really think this is a problem, but it’s a common complaint. Some reviewers have noted that the pajamas run large, so you may want to size down. However, this also means that your little one will be able to wear them for a longer period of time.
  • Not as Soft as Bamboo: While the material is soft and stretchy, some reviewers have noted that it’s not as soft as bamboo. However, this is a minor issue and doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the pajamas.
  • Higher Price Point: These pajamas run over $10 per pair (not as expensive as crazy bamboo) but still a bit more expensive than doorbuster pricing at other retailers. You can mitigate this cost by adding these to your baby registry, and using your 15% completion discount to stock up and save money.

What Other Parents Say

You don’t have to take just my word for it (but I mean, 7 kids in I know what’s up). Other parents have weighed in, and they’ve got some great things to say. 

One thing that came up a lot is the quality of the material – it’s soft, stretchy, and feels great against baby’s skin. And while some reviewers noted that the pajamas run a bit large, most saw that as a positive – it means your little one can wear them for longer!

The designs and patterns also got a lot of love. They’re cute, playful, and add a little fun to bedtime. And even though the pajamas aren’t made from bamboo like some other options, they’re still plenty soft and cozy.

Overall, the consensus is that these pajamas are a great choice for your little one. They’re easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and will last through plenty of nights of sweet dreams.

Final Thoughts on Best Baby Pajamas from a Seasoned Mom

Baby clothes are so cute. One of my favorite things is buying them for a new baby and most people enjoy giving them as gifts as well. Something about those tiny pieces of clothing gets us excited to shop.

If you’re looking for the hands down, best pajamas for your baby (excluding the obsessed bamboo moms), the HonestBaby pajamas heads and baby feet above the rest. From the organic cotton to the extended sizing and baby mitts, these will bring you and your little bundle joy through much of their first year.

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