In The Beginning…

In the beginning was a woman over 40 who was immensely blessed with a fun business.

But she also fiercely loved her family and her faith, and she often felt trapped in a box. Only talk about X, don’t talk about Y, you might confuse your audience.

So she often felt like she was hiding all the facets of who she really was, trapped in a way by her successful business into being what others expected, at least from a visibility perspective.

So what is our multi-faced mid-life mom to do?

It’s me…obviously. These first posts on a new blog are always random and full of the why’s behind this project.

I love my business (and sometimes I want to burn it to the ground and hide in the sand). But since my niche isn’t “business”…I don’t talk about these things.

I love my family more than anything on earth, but since my niche isn’t parenting, marriage, or family…I don’t talk about these things.

I love homeschooling my kids, choosing their learning path, watching the aha moments, getting to take random knowledge paths, but my niche isn’t homeschooling or education…so I don’t talk about these things.

I love food and using it as a powerful tool for wellness, but I’m not a wellness or food blogger (although I do have an abandoned food blog ha)…so I don’t talk about those things.

And some days all the things I’m not talking about are begging to be said. And the truth is that I don’t know if anyone cares about my thoughts on these things. Our opinions are often irrelevant unless someone else is having the same life experience.

But I need to get them out, for my own creativity and need to document. So this is my personal blog, creative personal outlet, selfish need to be more than the image consultant in a box.

As I sat and considered this, my mind immediately went to how to monetize this (because my business brain fires all day long), and I know a million things about SEO and creating content and building a list and making money online…but my focus is not on that for this project.

It’s purely writing what I want to write, regardless if another soul ever reads my thoughts and whether or not google deems me worthy. (Although I might pick a keyword for a little SEO juice because I don’t think I can stop myself).

So if you ever read this first post on my personal blog, here are the things I plan to write about…everything.

In good blogger fashion I will have four pillars, which I think should be: family, faith, business, and life….that’s everything right??

And since I love a good branding project, I’ll follow up this post with some creative expansion for what to call this blog – would you believe I own at least 20 domains so I have options – and create a brand board for it.

Then maybe I should actually pay for hosting and upload my theme into wordpress, which will likely take far longer than I have imagined in my mind. And then more branding, so I’ll probably see ya in a month 😉

But for today, I am taking the first step. I am writing this first post in a google doc to get out of my own way and my own head. 

Final thought of the day: our ideas often feel like brilliance, and then we begin to think about them, dissect them, overanalyze and wonder too far in advance if it’s a good idea after all. The Bible urges us to consider the cost before building a house, if we can continue…and you know, off the top of my head I’m drawing a blank on passages that speak to moving forward without vision. 

But the truth is that a second blog has been on my heart for a very long time, but it never made sense…and I’m to the point that I don’t need it to make sense right now. I just need to say the things…the “call” to sit down and brain dump is too strong for me to ignore any longer.

So hopefully once a week I’ll be dropping nuggets about whatever comes to mind. And if it’s an audience of One, I’m good with that.

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